Dreaming Days

Today’s post is rather short. I’m not sure where the days go — I feel as though I’m dreaming through great chunks of them.

I think I need to let my thoughts wander (even more than usual) for a bit while my brain makes a feeble effort to catch up with reality.

So, here I present some dreaming birds.

I’m sure they’re not really dreaming, but I know I dream about them.

When I close my eyes I see intricate bird details. The feathers around their eyes, the reflections in their eyes, myself sometimes reflected there. I wonder what they’re thinking.

Honestly, I really haven’t been in the cooking sherry. Yet.

I need to think of how I want to carry on with my art and work. I have had various thoughts around this, beginning with when I broke my foot in December. Universe sending signals etc . . .

I have my online shop closed at the moment to make more time for the blog (which somehow seems most important to me at the moment) and to give myself a little dreaming space.

I know that a lot of people have asked for prints, especially of the crow carrying the blossom branch, so I hope to spend a bit of time in the next week working on new images. I hope I’ll be ready to open the shop again in a week or so.

In the mean time, I may resort to re-posting some older blog posts to carve out the time to do that. It’s really amazing how little I seem to be able to accomplish in a day at the moment (although we did manage to sort out a lifetime’s collection of old tea bags the other day.)

Fear not, I’ll still post Edgar’s advice here every few days, and daily on his Facebook page.

Wishing you safety, health and a perhaps some bird dreams to pass the strange days.






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9 thoughts on “Dreaming Days

  1. Your posts are gems of beauty in, shall we say, “interesting times”! Thank you for crafting and sharing them. Blessings on your own “egg-sitting” period.

  2. I thought of you today when I was out for a walk and heard a furious clicking sound. Sure enough, there was a humming bird flying up and down and all around a crow who was sitting on a roof, placidly grooming his/her self. This went on for several minutes with no response from the crow, and no let-up from the humming bird. Was the crow too close to the humming bird’s nest?

  3. I’ve read the scientists have determined the crows have dreams, other animals probably too. I’m sure they have pleasant dreams of the lady bringing peanuts.

  4. We are all in the mode of what’s next , things are going to change and already I could cry for yesterday .
    Do the same as the crows making their beautiful flower nest .
    Build , create, lay out plans , sit on them , and they will naturally develop
    into something wonderful.
    The crow with flower branch is very simple and still very inspiring !!!!!
    I am happy you were able to capture it for all of us to enjoy !!!!

  5. Your blog posts are thoughtful, uplifting, funny and beautiful. Sometimes, all at once! Thank you for keeping in contact. At the same time, if you need to step back and post old posts or simply send a crow our way, do so.

    Take the time you need and be gentle with yourself. (That’s what I try to tell myself anyway!).

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