Seeking Balance

When we talked about “finding balance” in the Before Times, it seemed different.

More aspirational. More of a long term, “I’ll get there eventually” sort of concept.

These days it seems more like an immediate and visceral struggle — with some of them going far better than others.

One moment you’re a ninja of mindfulness — listening to soothing music instead of doom-scrolling, whipping up scones, churning out preserves, finishing little projects here, starting ambitious new ones there, getting lots of fresh air and exercise, taking one moment at a time, and generally thinking, “I’ve got this.”

In short: you’re CRUSHING this whole balance thing. Easy peasy!

Marvin goes for gold in the Olympic fencing category

Unfortunately those days, for me at least, are rare — dare I say, imaginary — especially as we meander into year two of stress and uncertainty.

There are many more days when my scrolling thumb is screaming for relief, thoughts are scrambled and nerves are stretched thin enough to pluck a plaintive and off key ballad called “Enough Already.”

Balance, in other words, proves elusive.

As you may have gathered, it’s been a rough week.

I’ve recently taken up Fair Isle knitting for the first time in a long time. You really have to concentrate and, if you follow the pattern, it works out more or less as it’s supposed to, which is particularly reassuring at the moment. Another plus — it’s impossible to doom-scroll at the same time.

And, of course, there are always the crow therapists — like Marvin the fencing champion shown above. And Mavis, keeping a stern eye on me . . .

Spring is here — and just as they brought joyful visual messages during difficult times last year . . .

Crow flying against blue sky with trailing branch of blossoms

. . . my crow neighbours are painting hopeful pictures again now.

Leap of Faith





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12 thoughts on “Seeking Balance

  1. I just luv how you express yourself. I luv reading your posts and the photos always make me smile. So thank-you for your very existence. I’m a big fan.

  2. Fair Isle knitting? Your not going to be one of those women (Bangor days) who knitted in bed, doesn’t get up unless the fire needed tending……

  3. ❤️💔 with the latest closures and third wave talk I am feeling done. But, and there is a good but, I have learned this past yera that ‘balance’ is more about maintaining homeostasis in my brain than the work/life thing I always thought it was. The knitting sounds a perfect reset remedy. And our crows to carry me on into spring and bring me joy, xx

  4. Loved this post in particular June. You have always had a sharp turn of phrase. Is that the right adjective? And yes. Spring seems to be a teaser this year with more restrictions in place. Good to see your crows are doing well in their Olympics..

  5. Oh June, I love your writing as much as I love your photos! You paint such vivid word pictures. I must now find a hobby to prevent myself from “doom-scrolling”. You’ve inspired me to take up knitting!

  6. Fantastic photos June! And your prose is absolutely spot on! I just love your dry humour! Thanks yet again for your wonderful and uplifting writing! Hang in there!

  7. What a joy for me to read your blog! I love the pictures you paint with your words and the pictures you capture with your eyes <3 The crows here in Colorado are beginning to nest as I see fewer each day. I always feed them peanuts in the morning and quite a large murder shows up, not so much now 🙁 So I will watch vicariously through your lens.

  8. Thank you, just what I needed! Today I was very tired driving home from work and was trying to balance the bags of groceries, cat food my briefcase and the pizza for the 2 flights of stairs once I get in my building (no elevator!) and when I looked up there were my two crow friends waiting quietly for treats. I put it all down, and got the treats out for them, which they appreciated very much. They get closer to me these days so it seems they are becoming more comfortable with me.

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