Raven Kisses

Corvids don’t really kiss like humans … but they do show affection for each other in a number of ways. In the case of the pair above — they were touching beaks in a very affectionate way for quite a while.

I think this behaviour would come under the umbrella of corvid allopreening which usually involves a crow or raven gently (more or less) combing through their partner’s feathers. This solicitous behaviour strengthens the pair bond between them, and helps to keep those very important feathers in tip top condition. I’ve also read an article about ravens using allopreening to restore harmony after some sort of dispute — Ravens Kiss and Make Up After a Brawl (New Scientist.)

On our last snowshoeing trip a couple of weeks ago we saw this pair of ravens …

Watching them was especially therapeutic as it was the day after the storming of the US Capitol building. Such loving care made me want to cry.

Just seeing ravens in general was the equivalent of a Club Med vacation!

In spite of the wet snow.

Geordie also had an excellent day

A rather censorious Steller’s Jay

I may add some new images from the last trip to my Raven Portraits gallery, but for now, Raven Kiss is available now … in time for Valentine’s Day (hint.)


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13 thoughts on “Raven Kisses

  1. LOVE your blogs – have been keeping me grounded during this crazy pandemic. Nature rules and June Hunter – you have a gift of capturing nature at its best. Thank you !

  2. So beautiful. Thank you, June, for showing us this wonderful world of ravens and crows. Thank you for your work!

  3. Thank you for this, it is wonderful! They are so tender with each other. I saw the same behavior between two crows when walking yesterday. I’ve become much more tuned in thanks to you.

  4. I am so jealous June. I can’t get close to my crows like you and now ravens? We have them down the road near our beach but I could never get near enough for a photo.

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