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On the way to the Women’s march on January 21 I saw a crow flying in front of me. She dropped a piece of food she’d been carrying and it fell through the air for a couple of feet before she casually swooped down and caught it. Clever, I thought. Then I watched as she dropped and caught the same object at least four more times before she flew out of my sight. I was so excited. I must write a blog about that, I thought. But I didn’t. Somehow it seemed too trivial in the face of everything else that was going on.

It’s not that I’ve stopped feeling inspired by urban nature — it’s just that every time I get on the computer to post something I get sidetracked by reading world news and commentary, and by the time I’ve done that, the games of a crow seem a bit irrelevant.

Today I’m going to try and pull myself together. I note that some serious political commentators sprinkle their posts with kitten pictures just to break up the general bleakness.

So, my theory is, that posting pictures of crows, other birds, pretty moss and rust etc. is a bit of a public service to the news-battered world.

And beyond the kitten-effect, I’d like to think that nature photos are especially important right now.


If you happen to catch a glimpse of soul in a crow’s gaze, then I hope it will contribute to your resolve to guard all birds against the coming assault on their habitat. Birds, after all, are one of the “canaries in the mineshaft” for the planet.


If you find yourself empathizing with a fluffed-up, chilly little hummingbird — I hope that this feeling will extend to refugees and any people who are “different” from you.

A forest fire of bigotry and distrust is starting across the world. A wind of ignorance is fanning the flames, and we are all being choked and disoriented by fake news and alternative facts.

We need to be forming a vast human to chain to chuck buckets and buckets and buckets of reason, compassion, joy and love on this mess before the whole forest catches alight.

So, whatever you need to fill your bucket — keeping informed, watching kitten videos, turning off the news, raising chickens, knitting, locking yourself in a dark room for ten minutes, or getting out and saying hi to some birds — keep that bucket well-filled. I have a feeling we’re going to be busy for some time ahead.


Just in case you really need some cat content, Edgar always happy to oblige …

logo with crow


12 thoughts on “Buckets of Birds

  1. The antics of the crow is a wonderful image to ponder, and exactly what I need in this unsettled time. Please don’t feel that it’s trivial.

  2. Definitely not trivial words, but I’m disappointed you shared political bits, however soft. Can’t we get away from it anywhere?

    • I’m sorry Muriel – I tried not to mention politics for a long time. Usually don’t, but it’s so much a part of my consciousness right now it seemed impossible not to. But don’t worry, I’m not about to turn into a political commentator – there are plenty far better qualified than I.

      • Definitely not trivial words, but I’m disappointed you shared political bits, however soft. Can’t we get away from it anywhere?

        Thank you. 😘

  3. Oh my.. I am feeling just like you and am trying to keep up the hope of nature and our crow families. That was until I found one of the oldest trees in Fauntleroy Park blown down. Then I knew that Kings do fall. From that I was able to remind us all that change will come and it will pass. Takes time but it will cycle. that was my story of hope today.

    So… thanx for a crow fix and a playful crow who was showing off to you and showing a little solidarity.

  4. Everyday I am amazed by the crows I feed near my workplace! Today, I just had to comment – that they can see me in a coffee shop window! Some explanation: I’ve been feeding the crows in a one or two block radius around my office for several years now. If I go for coffee first sometimes, they will wait outside until I’m done, when they know I will put out nuts for them. But today was especially intriguing, because I had been in the shop already a while, when I looked out.. a crow had alit on a pole right outside the shop and – I’m positive! – was staring at me from outside. It had spotted me through the window! I couldn’t believe it, but know it to be true, after all I have seen of them the past few years. It’s a ‘burden’ and an expense sometimes to keep up the feeding, but I do enjoy the commune with them! Thanks for the great blog posts, June! Happy new year to you and all the crows in your ‘hood!


  5. Hello June,
    I really enjoyed your post about being wrapped up in all the recent and ongoing events. Nature really does help us to regroup, and like you said – pull ourselves together. The wonder and beauty has such a calming effect on a person. Today, I notices the crows hopping around and playing in the snow outside the window of my desk at work. Watching them for a few minutes took the edge off a stressful morning. Have a great weekend! – Corinne

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