Cloud Mystery

The clouds this morning made me really, really happy.

I was so happy, that I had to question what it was about them that made me feel so darn chipper.

Perhaps is because they made such a spectacular change from skies that have been either blue and cloudless or filled with sepia smoke for the past few months.

They weren’t just any old boring grey clouds, either. It was a symphony of mauve and lavender to begin with. Then piles of dark navy clouds budged up against  candy floss threads of peaches and cream.

The clouds seem to mark the change in the seasons more accurately than the falling leaves. It’s hard to tell if the leaf drop is a sign of autumn’s arrival, or the result of the long, hot, dry summer.

All day I’ve been thinking about why the changes in the sky and the season make me feel so excited.

Partly, of course, it’s because I’m a photographer, and intermediate and changing light is always more interesting that boring old sunshine.

But I think also has something to do with “in between” spaces where more interesting things seem to happen. There’s something about seasonal change that seem to open new doors.

It’s like the edge of something and edges are always a bit exciting. One thing ends, another begins, but they get to overlap and mingle for a while. When day is turning to night, night to day, summer to fall, winter to spring: these times, with their transitional magic, are my favourite.

Of course, the other great thing about clouds, is what they’re sometimes hiding.

I could hear a sound like laughing getting closer and closer. A pair of ravens burst out of the clouds over the North Shore, flipping, diving, air-wrestling and squabbling their way across the sky until they disappeared somewhere to the south.







6 thoughts on “Cloud Mystery

  1. June…
    Not only is your photography spectacular, but your comments are like poetry. I’ve really been enjoying the phases of the moon the past couple of months. Because of so much smoke in the air, it has been a glorious variety of reds, oranges, yellows and in-betweens! I look forward to my nightly evening walks around the back yard with my sweet little “Honey” Pom. because of the viewing pleasure. I also feel closer to my deceased hubby, who was always intrigued with all of God’s celestial wonders, and when I’m not singing my “moon” songs, I find myself rattling on to him about our past evenings in our outdoor spa, walking our dogs at night, or just sharing my thoughts with him. I always look forward to your blogs. They are such a pleasure to read. Thank you to letting us be a part of your feelings and observations.

  2. Beautiful summation on the clouds and changes to the weather the past week, June. Indeed, a change in season seems to be upon us without question. Although not, an end to all our forest fires, unfortunately. I wanted to say again how great it was to finally meet you last wknd! What a pleasure to finally make one of your studio sales, and apologies again for my acute tardiness.. but thank you for being ever so patient and friendly – still- at the end of what was, I’m sure, a very long day for you and your daughter. I know my pal and her dog Dewling (Geordie, too, I’m sure!), really enjoyed themselves. We’ll hope to see you again at your xmas sale! Thanks again! – Carol

    • Great to meet you too. Your visit was a lot of fun. And one of the highlights of Geordie’s day for sure – this fun with Dewling tired him right out. We almost had to push him out the door for his evening walk! See you later in the year.

  3. June, it never ceases to amaze me how someone on the other side of the planet can be having such similar experiences as myself. We too have been shrouded in smoke for the past 6 weeks as the farmers burn off their paddocks. We haven’t had rain in nearly two months and when I saw the first clouds appearing over the hill I felt so excited just to see something different in the sky. Then your description of being at that in-between place, I have just been thinking about being in what I referred to myself, as an in-between place emotionally and mentally. I really look forward to your blog as apart from feeling uplifted to read your words, your exquisite photographs of crows have inspired me to draw birds again. Crows are an important and inspiring bird to me and it is wonderful to see each and every feather so close up.
    Thank you 💖

    • I’m so happy to hear that my blog found echoes there across the world. I do think that fall or autumn is more like the new year than actual new year. It feels as if thinks that have been on pause over the long hot summer are starting up again, and that’s always exciting. For one thing, after so many school year beginnings with my son and daughter, I am consumed every September with the urge to buy pencil cases, preferably tartan. Enjoy being in you in-between place – so much potential in that space.

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