Red Hot Fall Fashion Tips

Bringing you, direct to you from the runways of East Vancouver, the very latest in autumn fashion inspiration. I encourage you to leaf through the new trends and adopt some elements to create your very own signature fall look.

I can guarantee  you will stand out from the crowd.

Eric and Clara Molting Sept 2018

Eric and Clara model “dragged through a hedge backwards” look that is so of the moment.


The Statement Nostril

I really can’t over emphasize the importance this new must-have fashion staple!

A particularly severe molting season this year has left many a corvid nostril exposed to the elements. As with most things in life, if you got it, you might as well flaunt it.



Flaunt those nostrils …

Marvin's Nostrils

Own those nostrils!


How To Wear It

This season’s look screams, “I don’t care what I look like!” along with a touch of “I’ve pretty much given up on grooming.”

A determinedly devil-may-care attitude is required to successfully pull off this somewhat challenging fashion trend.

So worth the effort though. Just look at the results when it’s successfully done …

Feather Flaunting

Don’t be shy. Get out there and strut your tattered stuff.

Mabel with Pizza

Mabel, last year’s calendar cover model, demonstrates how the careful use of accessories can help pull off this look. A bit of hard old pizza in your beak makes you the indisputable Queen of the Runway.

Multicolour Molting Crow

Who you lookin’ at?


The Neck Ruffle

Hot from the fashion presses, this dynamic new look is a sort of mullet hybrid.

Quite the party in back, although not much business in front (see next trend below.)

Neck Ruffle


Mrs Pants Silhouette

The Indie Beard

This electrifying new trend is taking all of East Van by storm. Some humans even sport the look. While thoroughly of the new and now, we see in it a nod to the first beatnik hipsters.

Mr. Pants (such a fashion guru) was an early adopter of this bold new facial experiment …

Mr. Pants Beard


But now some of the younger crows are hopping on the straggly chin bandwagon …

Marvin Beard

Marvin thinks he looks pretty groovy.


The Most Important Fall Fashion Question

Of course, these are only fads and foibles. What those of us in the know most want to find out is:

Will Mr. Pants regain his full trousered splendour after the molting season???

Here he was, back in early August when his Pants were at their most magnificent.

Rhapsody in Purple

Things have been looking a little sparser of late …

Molting Mr Pants

But, take heart, Pants fans.

I checked a post I wrote this time last year and voila, our cover model was Mr. Pants himself, taken in August 2017 with a full set of glorious pantaloons.

This gives me great hope that His Pantship will be back in full regalia once the molting season is over.

Mr Pants 2017

We do hope you’re going to try some of these looks, brought to you by the Crow-dashians of East Vancouver. Do send us any photos of the results!

I have felt a bit like one of those fashion bloggers who photograph edgy street fashion over the past few days. It’s been quite a laugh.

Seriously though, the poor crows are kind of miserable and irritable during the molting season, so do be nice to them. If it’s still dry where you are, think of leaving them some water. Kind words are also always appreciated.

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Fall Fashion Tips

20 thoughts on “Red Hot Fall Fashion Tips

  1. I am happy to learn from your post that the season was a molting season unlike others. The Scrub Jay that comes several times a day for a peanut looked like she had been in a fight. Finally that beautiful head is getting blue again to show off the lovely white eyebrows.
    What a great post! Your sense of humor rocks.

  2. I love these pictures..of course Mr Pants is my favourite & the scragglier (is that a word), the better.

    I also love my new pencil for me & one for a Christmas gift. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for the smiles. I needed a giggle today! Mr. Pants is so cool, I’ve never seen a crow with britches like his. What a handsome character. This molting season has feathers flying in my corner of the woods, also. I have a wonderful collection of both raven and crow feathers.

  4. This has been my go to look for a year. (Saving on water and power bill) Glad to see this is now “en vogue” I am not even going to cover my grey until Christmas.

  5. Terrific blog, June!
    Fantastic photos, and smart riffs on the ruffled feathers of our (also smart) corvine friends.
    My sister-in-law sent me this forward of your blog as she knows I’m a crow fan and part of the clan!
    Shelley Corbin

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