A Christmas Miracle – with Crows!

I’m just re-posting this story from this time last year as a reminder why it’s always important to pay attention to what those crows are up to!

It’s a story with everything — lost dogs, snow, mystery, love, determination, teamwork, social media and Geordie the wonder dog.

But crows are a key part of the story!

I had planned a quiet day of wrapping and baking.  I have had the ingredients to make stollen bread for three years now, and not a single loaf has been produced. This year looks as if it might be year four, but I really don’t care.

The story started, as it often does, with a simple morning dog walk with Geordie. We were on our usual route when I saw a dog running towards us, off-leash. Geordie was very excited and I thought for a moment that perhaps it was a coyote. Once it got closer I could see it was a domestic dog, but very scared. Geordie, who assumes all dogs are his buddy, wanted to play and the ginger-coloured dog actually did let him get close enough for a sniff, before scooting off again. She did stay with us as we walked towards home and I was hoping I could lure her into our garden so I could read the tag on her collar.

Things went awry at Slocan and William, when something spooked her and she took refuge under a parked SUV. I couldn’t get her to come out, although she did eat a couple of treats I put near her. Not having an extra leash with me, and Geordie being beside himself with excitement, I decided to rush home with him and come back with a leash.

I drove back and the dog was still there, but definitely unwilling to budge. At that point I took this photo and put it on every social media platform I could think of.

Something scared her again and she took off. I saw her at the intersection of Slocan and Charles, amid a lot of cars and I braced for a horrible thud. Luckily none came, but by the time I got to the corner, there was no sign of the dog. Because of the cars in my line of sight, I couldn’t see which direction she’d gone from there.

There were, however, several crows in a tree, cawing angrily right there on the corner. That made me think that the dog might be hiding in the bushes that border the intersection, so I had a really good look around. No sight or sound of a dog. Maybe the crows were mad about something else.


At this point I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy because I hadn’t had breakfast yet, so I decided to drive home, have some oatmeal, and enlist Geordie in the search. Just as I was about to head out again I got a call from Desirée, who was part of a group of people who have been searching for this dog for forty long days and had got my number from all the social media sharing.

The dog’s name, it turns out, is Mika, and she had gone missing from New Westminster (a long, long way from our neighbourhood) in mid-November.

Desirée and I met up near where I last saw Mika and I could see that the crows were still cawing. This time I took Geordie up there and he seemed pretty excited about the bushes. After he sniffed at one spot for a while, I heard a very soft growl. I got down on my hands and knees, and very deep in the hedge, I spotted a flash of ginger fur.

I stepped back and called Desirée. By then  a large group of other volunteers had appeared with all kinds of dog catching equipment. Apparently they had been this close to catching her before, but she was so scared she’d managed to escape.

This time we surrounded the hedge with blankets and — best of all — her actual owner arrived. (***Update — I’m told that the person who arrived was actually her original rescuer who had flow in from Taiwan! Even more amazing.***)

It was a tense ten minutes or so, but finally her owner managed to lure her close enough to get hold of her collar and she was safe at last!

I’m still not sure who all the dedicated volunteers were, but I think that they’re involved with rescuing dogs in Taiwan, and that Mika was one such rescue.

If I never end up making stollen bread again, I really don’t care. Seeing Mika back with her happy owner was far more delicious!

But honestly, if it had not been for the crows, I’m pretty sure she would not have been found today. The hedge was extremely dense and didn’t really look like a plausible hiding spot — but those crows are never to be fooled. Combined with Geordie’s sniffing abilities, we tracked her down!

So, next time you hear the crows making a terrible din, try not to get irritated with them.

It’s never about nothing.

I’ve seen some of the most amazing things (owls, racoons, coyotes … and now long lost dogs) by listening to what they’re on about.

Extra peanuts for the crows at Charles and Slocan next time I go by there. I may even give them some of the Cheezies I got as a special festive treat for Marvin and Mavis!

Geordie, the other tracking hero, has already received chew treats and much praise.

Who’s a good boy, then?

Thanks so much to all the people who spread the story on social media, to the great team of volunteers who showed up to find her, to Geordie for his sniffing prowess and, of course, thanks to the crows — who know everything single thing that goes on in our neighbourhood.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


The Sequel

A few days after I wrote this blog post I learned a lot more about the history of Mika’s adventure and all the people who teamed up to find her.

Mika was rescued from the streets of Taiwan by Tina Huang, the founder of CERA (Canine Education and Rescue and Adoption). A team of CERA volunteers had been searching tireless for Mika since she went missing and Tina herself had flown in from Taiwan the day before she was found.

They had been searching for Mika for almost 40 days before Geordie and I and the crows entered the scene.

Another key ingredient to the rescue that day was Barbara Borchardt, who is the creator of the I Live in East Van blog. Barbara is someone who seems to know everyone in Vancouver and everything that is going on, so it was great luck that she happened to see my social media post of Mika hiding under the car. She immediately recognized Mika from the many posters the volunteers had put up, and efficiently managed to get me and Desirée (one of the Mika search team) talking on the phone within minutes of the post going up.


Half an hour later, volunteers with dog capture equipment, Tina, the crows, me and Geordie all came together — and Mika’s scary winter adventure was finally over.

A few days later I was contacted by the CERA group and we had the great pleasure of meeting Tina and other CERA dogs and owners, plus Mika herself at a meeting in Burnaby park. Tina had treats for Geordie and it was a lovely conclusion to the epic search for Mika.

tina, geordie and June

Tina presents Geordie with treats for his part in finding Mika.

christmas miracle












29 thoughts on “A Christmas Miracle – with Crows!

      • Thank you 🙂 Here is more information on Mika (formerly Shiao Huang):


        She had only been with her adoptive family for about a week when she got spooked, managed to pull herself out of her harness and took off on Nov 15. We had several close calls on Dec 19th but she wouldn’t let anyone near her. Tina (her rescuer) decided to fly down to help and arrived yesterday – and this happened. Thank you again so much, if you didn’t see her we’d still be looking!

      • Hi Tina – I hope we will meet at the park this afternoon. Geordie (a rescue dog himself) and I hope to get there around two and say hello. It was a true privilege to be part of the whole operation. At the time, I had no idea of how many other people were looking for this dog, for how long and how far some had come (!) to help in the effort. So many small things fell into place for Mika yesterday – it was just her day to go home.

  1. Hi, I just wanted to point out that Mika is not from the meat trade and the lady who got Mika out of the bush is not her owner. It’s her foster mom from Taiwan. It’s such a miracle that she just arrived for a day (to help with the search) and Mika is found. With all of your efforts, this is truly a Xmas miracle! Thank you and Geordie, and the crows too!!!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas story. June if you had not taken that morning walk who knows.
    Happy for everyone and knowing the dog is in good hands make my heart full.

  3. Would love to know what social media did you put up the post of found dog…. For future reference. Thanks so much for your effort tonsafe this life again.

    • I posted on FB (personal and business pages), Instagram and Twitter. Turned out the the great connection was Barbara at the I Live in East Vancouver blog. She had been part of a missing dog rescue recently so had seen all the posters and knew both the phone number for the team searching for the dog and my phone number. Consequently, Desiree called me and we were standing together within ten mins. Amazing. A lot of things came together for Mika yesterday – I was her day to go home. 😊

  4. We are having a get together at David Gray Park in Burnaby from 1-4pm tomorrow with Tina and just a few of the dogs she has rescued and fostered. We would love for you and Geordie to come! 🙂

  5. Such a happy event, beautifully told. You may not have your christmas stollen but you have stolen all of our hearts with your christmas miracle. Sending the warmest of christmas wishes from the snowy cariboo to you, Geordie, the crows, everyone who helped get Mika back home, and of course to Mika herself.

  6. This wonderful tale has all of the ingredients to make a great storybook for children: animals, drama, perseverance and the kindness of strangers. Thanks for sharing this June; it’s a lovely way to celebrate the season!

  7. What a beautiful story with such a happy ending!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us June. Warms my heart!

    The Painting Crow

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