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Mavis the Crow Portrait

Mavis and I could really use your help to put in a good word for the Notre Dame poplar trees on Kaslo Street!

Read on for how you can help. Oh, and it has to by tomorrow (April 18) – no pressure. 😉

If you have followed my blog, even for the shortest time, you will know these trees. They’re the setting for many of the bird adventures I photograph and write about. They played a starring role in last week’s Game of Nests, for example.

Marvin and Mavis are in them at this very moment, guarding their new nest.

Marvin and Mavis Guard Nest Apr 17

But there is a strong likelihood that, by next spring’s nesting season, they’ll be gone.

The school on who’s property the poplars stand wants to install a sunken, artificial turf football stadium that, in its current form, would mean the demise of the trees. You may have read my earlier posts about this (see links at end of this post.)

Mavis on Nest April 17

Instead of an unbiased arborist report the school has presented a “Tree Risk Assessment” to the City in support of their plan. This report states the obvious: if a sunken field, 3 metres deep at the foot of the poplars is installed, the roots will be damaged to such an extent they will be at “high risk” of falling. In 2007, a more balanced arborist report found ways in which the trees could be spared by making the field just a little smaller.

To voice your support for giving these lovely trees a FAIR assessment before they’re removed in favour of a synturf stadium, please contact the City of Vancouver Project Facilitator, Andrew Wroblewski and let him know you’d like to see the City find a way to save the trees.
It would be helpful to copy your remarks to Vancouver’s Mayor and Council. You can send them a group email HERE.
If you have already done this because of my requests on social media earlier this week: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

We are running out of time to make a difference. The City Planning Department has set April 19 as the deadline to receive comments on the Notre Dame project. As April 19 is Good Friday, we really only have until THURSDAY, April 18.

Marvin Watching Over Nest Apr 17

Hundreds of local residents have signed a paper petition that we will hand in at City Hall tomorrow. But, even if you don’t live locally, you can speak out on behalf of these beautiful trees.

All we ask is that they be given a fair and unbiased assessment instead of the report based only on what will happen if the roots are fatally compromised.

These trees are an important local landmark. They also provide habitat for many kinds of birds, bugs and animals and are the only green space for miles around in an urban area sorely lacking in natural beauty.

poplar seasons

The City has already admitted that errors have been made in this development process.
Let’s not have the trees removed and then find out that was another one. One that cannot be reversed.
For more background and to keep up with latest news, check our web site: Notre Dame Neighbours or follow on Facebook or Twitter.
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6 thoughts on “Help The Poplars

  1. Hi June,
    What fantastic horizontal photos of the four seasons of the trees! Great illustration of the issue at hand.
    I sent the following remarks just now (and also did another one late last year to a planner in charge):
    Dear Mr. Wroblewski,

    Please do everything you can not to destroy the mature poplars, with their avid bird life and colourful seasonal beauty, at Notre Dame School on Renfrew St.

    An artificial turf sports field is another bad reason to take down ever more trees in the City; enough already bite the dust because of private house developments with a too-large footprint for the site, and this case is another where the proposed sports field could easily be contained to a small degree, in order to save the trees.
    Voila, everybody happy.

    A humble request from a long-time resident and tree-lover in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood, sincerely,

    Mariken van Nimwegen
    2449 Dundas St.

    “There is a mass of of sense lying in a dormant state – which good government should quietly harness -”

    Thomas Paine

  2. Hello, I’m waaaay out east of you, not even YVR, but was convinced to sent a letter to the mayor and the Project Facilitator. You provided an great article in the Jan 19th blog!, explaining the issues. And the photos are fabulous, here & the aforementioned article.
    Thank you for caring and taking action. The least I could do is send comments to the staff as suggested!

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