The Edgar Chronicles Continued

DAY ???

Well whatever day of staying the &%#$*?! home this is, we all know by now that stress binge eating can happen to the very best of us.

It may be a comfort to know that even Edgar is not immune . . .


In the moments between sleeping, binge eating and watching Netflix, it’s important to fit in a spot of physical fitness. Edgar has found that almost anywhere in the house can double as a gym. An indoor cat can still be fearsome Jungle Cat.

He especially likes to show off while I’m doing my ungainly human stretching exercises on the floor. “I think you could stretch that hamstring a lot further. Make it burn.” A cat makes a stern and uncompromising personal trainer . . .

Edgar also likes to supervise my morning yoga stretches. Occasionally the Sun Salutations come with a bonus Rainbow Cat.


Edgar recommends some therapeutic bird watching to pass the indoor hours. Geordie, personally, is not that excited by goldfinches.

Now a squirrel, THAT would be something to get excited about!


It’s a stressful time and we all need some love and kindness. Edgar knows how reach out (with a gentle paw) and let his people know when he needs a helping hand.


Every night Edgar sleeps under our bed, snoring very, very softly.
He’s only recently started sleeping there, so the first time I heard this barely audible and yet inexplicable sound in the night, I had to get up with a flashlight to investigate — and there he was, blissfully asleep and delicately snorfling.
It’s too dark under there to get a decent photo, but this gives you an idea.
Now I’ve figured out what it is, I find the sound very peaceful in the deep dark night.
Wishing you all a small portion of Edgar’s tranquility.

8 thoughts on “The Edgar Chronicles Continued

  1. Delicate snores? You’re lucky. Tatanka snores like a dwarf train & Fancy whistles & runs during her dreams! My 2 Lagottos & I are food bingeing to a fault. They keep pacing to their treat cabinet at 9pm. Fancy is on ear infection meds so is super thirsty then has to pee every 30, 45 & 60 mins from 9pm to 4am! I keep praying for everyone to recover & stay healthy! You & Phil and family be well! Thanks for all the loving missives!

  2. Good evening June,

    Much delight in the Edgar Chronicles!
    Also enjoy when Geordie is a special guest.
    Felines and canines are so interesting to observe. All in the animal kingdom are.
    Cats and dogs are just more in our homes and in our faces ! Love it!
    Although, it would be kind of cool to have an elephant (my other favourite animal) in my back yard!
    My two cats , Jasper and Ginger are my
    pride and joy.

    Thank you again for introducing us to your at home beasts.

    Thank you as well for the crow and other fine feathered friend escapades.

    Upon returning home yesterday, Derek and I noticed two flickers in our chestnut tree. I think they were engaged in a little mating dance, complete with song.
    It was delightful to watch.

    This after I read the flicker story you sent a couple days ago.

    On that note, time for sleep.
    Wouldn’t it be great if we all woke up tomorrow and this scary scene we find ourselves in would be a thing of the past?
    Let us all hope this leaves us sooner than later.
    With good wishes,
    Michelle B.
    Surrey, B.C.

  3. The video of Edgar hoicking up his clump of greens is priceless!! Today was an especially difficult day. Thank you for making me laugh. 🙂

  4. Thank you June for your funny and absorbing chronicle of Edgar-so light but intimate. You write so well.

  5. Oh, Edgar, you are so lovely. I wish I could reach out and let you, you look so soft and cuddly. I particularly loved the picture of you on the stairs, looking at the goldfinches but yet I wonder if you are contemplating this mess we have gotten into and wondering when things will go back to how they were. And I wish you only the sweetest of dreams as you snorfle into the night. Thank you, June, for giving us tidbits of the things that keep us going. Be safe, and be healthy, all of you.

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