Hummingbird Interlude

Ive been trying to write another blog post for over a week now, but I feel rather as if I ran out of words in my arguments to save the Notre Dame poplars until after nesting season.

That bid failed and I’ve been feeling a bit how weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world -ish for the past couple of weeks.

The trees are gone, and only one day’s work at the site has been done in the last 7, so I am left wondering what the huge rush was.

However, in the interests of my psyche and my blood pressure, I am trying not to look that way or think about it for a while.

Today a small Anna’s Hummingbird cheered me up with a joyful visit to our small fountain.

So, by way of dipping my toe back into the blog posting world, here she is.

I hope she is as cheering for you as she was for me.

20 thoughts on “Hummingbird Interlude

  1. I am sending you a consoling hug for all your hard work.❤️ Your bird photos and stories have been/are a constant source of joy to me. I recognize that quote from Lord Peter Whimsey maybe? Take care Helen

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  2. I understand your feelings. We’re on the US/MX border in Southeast Arizona and “45’s” legacy wall is currently being built across our sacred San Pedro River which runs north from MX to the Gila River, north of here. It’s lined with huge cottonwoods making it a migratory sanctuary for so many birds and wildlife. It’s breaking my heart to see the damage being done to make way for this wall. Sigh ~ the irony is that due to Covid-19, Mexico won’t let Arizonans cross the border and who on that side would want to come here given the mess we’re in!

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  3. Lovely video, June. I’m hoping that our hummer comes for a dip at our birdbath. It has a fountain in it, and I’ve placed some stones in it where the water runs down.

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  4. It is really hard to stay positive in this year of 2020. After 10 years of blogging I too have had to dig deep. I even changed what I am interested in with a bit of birds still. One of my latest was a hummy with a shiny pink head loving my red flowers.

    They do have a way of cheering us up. It is ok to take a break and get yourself re-orientated. The world is so full of angst and we all need to find or center. May you get there!!

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  5. We love you June! Sadness is only the feeling that makes you realize how much happiness you are able to feel. Without it, you can’t have the other. Bless those little Anna’s – I wish their attitude could solve our world’s problems.


  6. Thanks for the life-affirming hummingbird video. Whenever I see a hummingbird at my nectar feeder at home it brightens my day. Hang in there!

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  7. Your posts are the best emails I get. Your photos are breathtaking. I’m sorry about your poplar loss and hope the hummingbirds and crows take your mind off of it soon.


  8. June, the distress you feel from of loss of those poplars is real; don’t underestimate it! Your willingness to share that with us is special and immensely humanizing. I think the negative effects of living near destruction/construction projects is underrated [here in Coquitlam there’s an evil morass of them these days]. Thank you for illuminating for us the thriving of nature, somehow, despite it all.

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