October Walk

As a sequel to yesterday’s post, here are some photos from this morning’s walk — just a few crows in an autumn landscape.

Most of today’s crows are not close acquaintances, but part of the mysterious entourage that follows me along the dog walking route.

As I mentioned yesterday, the autumnal rowdiness is kept in check by an absence of peanuts and a few kind words of thanks after I take their photos.

I’m not sure why they follow me, but I always get an especially warm welcome at the corner where (almost two years ago now) crows played a pivotal role in the finding of a lost dog.  I always thank them when I walk by and they seem to remember me still.

This character, photographed close to home, is one of Mabel’s offspring. I can’t tell it’s one of the 2020 batch, or one of two 2019 youngsters who still hang around.

It’s a very grounding feeling to walk your own neighbourhood and see familiar faces, human and corvid, and exchange daily pleasantries.

It makes me feel that the world is still spinning on some sort of stable axis.





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8 thoughts on “October Walk

  1. Thank you so very much June, for sharing your crow photos. I am a friend of Nora, Larry & Pippin! We met at a market a few years ago. I want you to know that I love your pictures and captions! I also have grown very fond of Geordie and kitty~cat!! These pictures really brightened my evening~~quite like some safe friend’s were/are visiting! Please Stay Well and Stay Safe and thank you for sharing!!

    With appreciation~~~~ Doreen


  2. So I have a question, from the bird phobic herself. Lately it is clear my crows are becoming more comfy with landing when I am still distributing the peanuts. It is HUGE for me if they can (gently) float/waft down near me. I am, of course, still as nervous as they are. This does not happen often, but it is becoming more frequent, and it thrills me to no end. I usually am in a but of hurry when I deliver the peanuts. because of my job. I wonder if I just stayed put for a while if they would land, stay, and start snacking.

    • So glad to hear that you and the crows are continuing your relationship. I’m sure if you did stay around and wait quietly for a bit they would settle down and snack while you looked on. It’s all just a question of everybody getting used to each other and no-one, of either species 😉 making sudden moves. Good luck!

  3. Stunningly gorgeous photos; the contrast between the autumn leaves and the crows’ plumage; the crows launching into flight.

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