A Raven Soap Opera in Two Acts

It’s a busy Easter weekend with not much time for blog posting, so I’m going to let the ravens do most of the work.

Even as it’s starting to look ever so slightly spring-like down here in Vancouver, it’s still a winter wonderland up on the nearby mountains. As it’s a winter wonderland that sometimes contains ravens, so we try to get out there at least once a week.

The Raven Soap Opera is a short video I filmed when we were up on Seymour a couple of weeks ago. It was Spring Break, a sunny day, and the ski hill was packed when we got back to the ski lift area/parking lot from our early morning expedition.

You can hear the excited buzz of human voices in the background, and that high pitch of human energy was mirrored in a large group of ravens socializing nearby.

Act One:

A raven pair — first just strolling casually along as one of them (Walking Raven Right) makes a quiet but emphatic call — then hopping along with increasing urgency as they near a bigger group of birds congregating on a snow pile ahead …

Act Two:

Now this is where the action really begins. You may need to pause and rewind a few times to catch every little bit of the action.


Our couple reaches the larger group and you can see Walking Raven Right has already decided to make an impressive entrance.

Raven at bottom right with a ball of ice in beak (Ice Ball Raven) can see which way the wind blows and makes a tactful retreat with prize.

WRR gives a haughty head toss upon arrival, immediately singling out one of the group for a thorough verbal dressing down.  This raven takes a respectful step back, but not without getting the last word in (Last Word Raven.)

Things calm down momentarily until yet another raven who’d been minding their own business in the background decides it’s time for their moment of glory and dives at Ice Ball Raven.

And that was it — just a few seconds of raven social interaction.

I love these moments because I know they’re just the very tip of the raven iceberg.

It’s tantalizing, wondering about the hours and hours of Ibsen-like drama and dialogue I’m missing when I’m not up on the mountain.



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8 thoughts on “A Raven Soap Opera in Two Acts

  1. Jeesh they are so used to people obviously. I’m envious. Ours around here stay in the back woods and rarely fly over. Very elusive. I get excited when I hear a gronk.

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