Mr. Walker — Good News

It’s been almost two weeks since something happened to Mr.Walker’s eye and I know a lot of you are wondering how our favourite crow perambulator is doing.

I was out of town for three days last week so it was with a mixture of hope and dread that I went straight out upon arrival home to go check on the Walkers.

It is with huge relief that I report that things are looking Much Better.

This is how his eye was on April 24 …

And here is how he is looking now …

His eye still isn’t 100% better, but it’s very much improved. I love the photo above because you can see that he’s back to most of his old confidence, curiosity and all around delightful Mr. Walker-ness.

I still don’t know what exactly happened but suspect his eye was injured in some sort of conflict with another crow. I know the male crows are hyper-territorial as the females are sitting on the nests, so he could have been in a fight with one of his male neighbours — possibly Bongo or Mr. Wing. No one’s talking, so I guess we’ll never know for sure.

Thanks so much for all the good wishes and advice during this worrying time — the crow-munity is the best!





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11 thoughts on “Mr. Walker — Good News

  1. YAYYYYY!!!! Lookin good (no pun intended!!) Mr. Walker ❤ Thanks so much for the update June, he’s been on my mind…

  2. Thank you for the encouraging update, June. Your descriptive, personally involved writing style makes these reports touch our hearts. Love being part of your crow-minute.

  3. Hurray! I’m very relieved for Mr. Walker. Hopefully, he and Wanda can get back to nesting.

  4. I hope my crow will recover like Mr. Walker.. His condition looks exactly the same. He was such a proud and confident bird but now won’t even fight off the scrubjays off of his food. Thank you for sharing I’ve been crying thinking he had whatever was killing birds in the DC area. This really gives me hope.

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