Baby Chickadees Everywhere

At some point, there were so many baby chickadees in the garden I thought to myself, “one of them is going to fly right into me”. And, sure enough … one did bounce right off my head while I was busy taking photos of the action. Luckily we both emerged unscathed from the encounter – both quite startled, I’m sure, but wiser for the experience.

Two Baby Chickadees

Here’s a little photo essay from the few days of baby chickadee madness. They’re still around now, but the chaos seems to have abated as the babies hone their flying skills and learn to feed themselves a bit more. The parents will feed the babies for 3-4 weeks and then the family group breaks up and the young ones will have to make it on their own after that

Chickadee rush hour at the bird feeder

Chickadee rush hour at the bird feeder

Come on in, the water's lovely!

Ooh, that feels nice!

Super soaked baby

Although you do tend to get a bit wet …

Drying out those feathers after a dip.

Almost dry now!

Where are you going - come back!

Mom, mom, mom – come back!!

That's better!

That’s better!

It's really hard to picture anything much cuter than a baby chickadee.

It’s really hard to picture anything much cuter than a baby chickadee.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the action. I wanted to share some of these images with you, because only one or two of the many will end up being worked on, layered with other images and eventually be available as a tile or print.

Here’s one from last year’s baby chickadee bonanza, available as a print in my online store.

Flying Lesson

Flying Lesson

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6 thoughts on “Baby Chickadees Everywhere

  1. Love the baby chickadee images! In my yard 2015 brood #2 is twittering away in the bird box but not out on the wing yet.

    Cheers, Sarah


  2. June, chickadees are the cutest, busiest, most noisy little things that we have ever had in rehab, and they are also the most adorable-I absolutely love them! Love that you wrote about them!

  3. They are adorable, truly. One of our chickadee babies tried to fly one afternoon last week and landed on the stone of our patio right at my feet. He settled in under my chair and mom and/or dad dropped in off and on to feed the chick. After a quarter hour or so, baby hopped out and wobbled back into the cedar hedge. Fun! V

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