George in Action

George, cloaked in frost, uses his partial beak to scoop up some peanuts.

A little video addendum to my earlier blog post: George’s Tough Year

logo with crow

4 thoughts on “George in Action

  1. June ..
    As usual, look forward to your posts. Breaks my heart about poor George, but aren’t crows just the smartest?! Had a feeling he’d figure out how to compensate for his disability, and to have his partner staying with him is such a blessing. I still think crows are smarter/better mates than people!! Thank you for continuing to share these stories. I’ve been trying to maintain my spirits as my best friends lost both their pet horse and their cat this past Christmas week due to separate, unexpected illnesses that the veterinarians couldn’t resolve. Caren, the wife, is still especially devastated by the loss of her horse Zeus, and I cry because of my love of animals as well as my love for both Caren and Jeff, her husband. I sincerely hope 2016 is a good year for your and yours, and also for George and Mabel. Hope they have more babies that grow to be healthy and bring more joy to your life.
    Diane Spellman

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