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Well, obviously the ravens of East Vancouver did not think much of my raven language skills! The very morning I published Learning to Speak Raven, they sent a tutor to teach me some new phrases.

I could hear the crows fussing and a raven making some sounds I’d never heard before as soon as I got up. Threw on some clothes (out of consideration for the neighbours) and rushed outside with my camera — but I’d missed them.

But it was my day for a lesson in raven anyway. When I took Geordie out for his walk later, my instructor returned. She landed on the neighbour’s roof and began a virtuoso performance. I think she may have been trying to show me just how little “raven” I know.

If you don’t see the video below, click HERE.

Apologies for the quality of the video, but it was raining and  I had a dog on the end of a leash  who was more keen to continue his walk than to hang  around watching a raven.

As usual, the crows were unimpressed with the visitor.

Perhaps some of her song was a lament about the state of the Spring weather …

Eventually, she decided to take her performance elsewhere.

But not before taking a little walkabout.

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11 thoughts on “Raven Tutor

  1. Poor thing.. is it lost, do you think? It’s very odd to have ravens right in the city. But enjoying the vocalization videos! Is it interesting how the crows don’t like them – I would have thought, same family, they wouldn’t have minded the ravens. Interesting.

    • The crows don’t like them because, coming nesting time, ravens will prey on baby crow – so definitely on the “naughty” list – along with eagles, hawks, cats, raccoons, coyotes etc. I don’t think the ravens are lost. I’ve seen four of them flying together here and imagine they came from the north shore mountains, which are only a hop, skip and a jump away for a raven. I think they’re checking out urban life and seeing if the pros (food sources) outweigh the cons (being hassled by crows, traffic, noise, congestion) – a bit like people!

  2. Hi June – I always enjoy your raven photos and videos…and art!
    Glad we get to share in your raven-love!
    Bev. Wilson

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