Fledgling Alert

Baby Crow with Attitude

They’re out there now. Full of attitude and completely gormless — you’ll see them staggering around a neighbourhood near you soon.

No, not zombies — baby crows.

I’ve seen several fledgling crows on our dog walks lately. A lot of them have been taking shelter at the edge of roads, sometimes wedged between parked cars and the curb.

Baby Crow in Gutter

Baby Crow Struggles Out of Gutter Gap

Baby crow struggles out of the narrow gap they’d gotten stuck in between tire and curb.

Baby Crow On Road Edge

Whew made it out. But a minute later he was back in there again.

So, PLEASE CHECK AROUND YOUR CAR before you drive off — just in case there’s a sleepy little baby crow nestled against your wheels.

If you do find one (even though it’s best not interfere with baby crows in general) you can quickly move it to a safer spot close by (within 20 feet) — a bush, or long grass.

See Corvid Research’s informative blog post: 5 Reasons To Leave Baby Crows Alone.

Baby Crow in Tree

In case you have questions as to whether you’re looking at a baby crow or an adult crow, below is a little “cheat sheet” I put together for a blog post a few years ago.

It includes my annual plea for understanding for the dive-bombing crow parents. Don’t take their aggressive behaviour personally.

Just imagine you’d just given birth to three or four kids at once and they were all instantly teenagers who think they know everything. I expect you’d be behaving a little erratically too …

So, have fun watching out for the new neighbourhood babies.

And — do remember to check around your car for someone like this before you drive off.

Baby Crow Shelters In Gutter

10 thoughts on “Fledgling Alert

  1. oh I love the little buggers. Every year I get so excited about baby crow season. This year I got the birds eye seat to watch a nest being built, sit upon and then hatched.

    I reveled in photographing them and now this week they got out of the nest. First the oldest disappeared as he flew away or hopped away. Today the baby of the two was no where in sight.

    Mom scolded me when I wandered around to find or see them.

    My moment is over I think. Kind feel like the day after Christmas.. let down a bit. guess I better get some crow love elsewhere. 🙂 Your blog helped with my therapy.

  2. Baby crows? I saw one the other day and I thought he was a really old crow, cuz his beak hooks up and one of the eyes has completely turned white. I saw him trying to fly but couldn’t so I assumed he was injured. I got so worried and tried to give him some water. Then there were 2-3 crows hovering around, making angry sounds at me.

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  3. I saw a fledgling crow a couple of days ago, during my daily early morning walk, in the leg where I walk through one of the local cemeteries. The little chap/chapette was staggering about between the gravestones, looking a bit lost and awkward. I was about to move closer, to take a photo, when a couple of frantic parents began a great flap and noise above my head. I opted to stand off and just watch for a few moments, and then moved on. Fortunately, there were no cars about to add an element of danger to the scene.

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