Tap, Tap, Tap ….

Sometimes you need to listen as well as to look to know what’s going on in the neighbourhood.

This was the first sign that new tenants had moved into the ornamental plum tree on our street (one tree down from the  current chickadee nest.)

The dog stopped to check his social media messages at the base of the tree and, while we were standing there, I noticed that soft tap, tap, tapping, almost lost in the traffic, construction and other urban sounds.

I had a strong suspicion that I knew who was working on this building job and, sure enough …

… the contractor popped his head out of the other end of the tunnel to see who was stopping by to admire the craftsmanship. I assured him he was doing an excellent job and we moved on.

On the return leg of the dog walk I noticed more work in progress.

The female flicker has been doing her share of digging too. You can tell them apart by the red “moustache” on the male.

After a week or more of hewing and spitting out wood chips, the new home owners were looking somewhat tired, but pleased with their efforts.

However, it can be a very competitive housing market here in Vancouver …

Stayed tuned for the next dramatic instalment  of Flicker Nesting 2019 for a tense tale featuring elements of municipal density issues … and, yes, Game of Thrones.

For more on previous year’s Flicker nesting adventures see: Flicker Nesting Saga:
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6 thoughts on “Tap, Tap, Tap ….

  1. Loved your story! I had no idea that the male had a red beard; I will try to check next time I see one.

  2. Hi June, You have a wonderful way of seeing and writing about the everyday things around us. You should consider submitting your photos and stories to the Vancouver Sun/Province for those of us that don’t have access to computers or smart phones. Thank you for sharing, Helga


  3. Good morning June,

    We’ve noticed a few woodpeckers in our neighbourhood in Surrey as well.

    Sometimes we hear them tap, tap, tapping on a metal chimney stand!
    They then realize they are not accomplishing too much…

    Thank you for sharing the woodpecker family’s home building.

    Michelle Bell

  4. As always, I love your writings and bringing nature so up close and personal. Never miss an email from you. thank you so much,

    Mary Russell
    Banning, CA

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