Reading the Leaves. Again.

Election Day here in Canada.

I will vote today.

I’ll also listen to the news and devour opinion and analysis pieces as they pop up on my phone.

Then, I’ll go into the garden and take a few moments at the annually recurring therapeutic gazing bowl.

In case you need a few seconds too, help yourself …

Even if you don’t live in Canada, you might enjoy a short respite from news and politics and shouting.

You might catch a glimpse of the future in the ripples.

At a minimum, you can be hypnotized by the reflections and raindrops dancing together, and take a few deep breaths.

Just for half a minute.

If you need a longer respite …

Then back to waiting for results and biting nails.

Reading the Leaves part one was posted at almost the same last time last year.

6 thoughts on “Reading the Leaves. Again.

  1. Oh that was lovely. I think next year I am going to find a bowl to make one in my garden. Down here in the USA we will need that more than you can know for that November 2020 election.

    But we all must vote. It is a right we cannot forget nor treat like it is something trivial. It is our voice.

    • I agree. Voting is a privilege that we must not take for granted. I highly recommend a gazing bowl. Our’s appeared entirely by accident as it’s actually Geordie’s summer outdoor water bowl, but it takes on a new life when the leaves fall. I think I bought it at a garden shop years ago. πŸ™‚

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