Norman News

I didn’t like to mention that Norman has been missing.

I mean, so much else to worry about these days . . .

But it was with a disproportionate level of  excitement that I greeted our wanderer this morning when I spotted him in the lilac.

My family thought something was badly wrong (in the “she’s fallen and can’t get up” category) but I was just whooping with joy.

I thought my screeching would have scared him out of the garden, but he obligingly stayed long enough for me to get a few corroborating photos.

So, that’s it.

The world is still going to hell in hand basket, but at least we know Norman’s OK.

It’s the little things . . .

See also: Norman the Nuthatch



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16 thoughts on “Norman News

  1. Thank you! I love your updates.


    On Mon, Mar 23, 2020, 8:03 PM The Urban Nature Enthusiast wrote:

    > The Urban Nature Enthusiast posted: ” I didn’t like to mention that Norman > has been missing. I mean, so much else to worry about these days . . . But > it was with a disproportionate level of excitement that I greeted our > wanderer this morning when I spotted him in the lilac. My f” >

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  2. I ‘second that emotion’……your photos are really wonderful!!
    Thank you for sharing them with us all. I enjoy the same birds and it is heartwarming to read your articles.

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  3. I love your posts, June – have been spending a lot of time watching my birds lately – so many different visitors. We had a couple of sweet nuthatches last year at our feeder – love those little guys – very entertaining and also very bold. Glad Norman is back! and please keep posting – your posts keep me sane in an insane world.

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  4. So glad Norman returned! Love your posts, June – in a world of insanity – your posts are just what I need to read – always interesting, cheerful and quirky! Awesome too.

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  5. He’s lovely! Welcome back Norman!! Many thanks for all your uplifting posts, June. Always much appreciated, but even more so in these trouble times. Beautiful birds all about us, and you remind us to notice.

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  6. I too know the heartening joy and relief to once again spot one of those particularly special animals; the stand-outs, for one reason or another. I would have been whooping with joy right along side you!

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  7. Oh, I’m so happy he’s back! I totally understand your great relief. Thank you for all your sharing and amazing photographs, especially at this time. They matter.

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  8. Dearest June,
    This winter I began feeding all sorts of birds in my garden along with my hummingbird friends. I didn’t know what types of birds they were at the time, but I now know that two regular Nuthatches were feeding in my garden. In fact, during the coldest time of winter, as I replenished the bird seeds, the two Nuthatches, in a mannerly fashion, took turns eating from the feeder I held so tightly from my window. ( I know, run on sentence, but I’m too tired to change it) I did this for about twenty minutes a day till my arms and shoulders could hold no more. Then I would put the feeder back outside. I would like to think that this was Norman, and perhaps, he had found a friend. The friend had a softer pink belly and was just adorable! My Norman Nuthatch is now missing in action, along with his buddy or girly pal. I’m assuming there is a possible link as I live extremely close to your area. If Norman tells you otherwise, I’ll name mine Frederick and Missy. But if he looks rather ashamed when he looks into your eyes, then we will know it’s him.

    I too am trying to cope and do my vigilant part under these trying circumstances. I’m hoping that this ends soon. I’m hoping no more lives are lost. I want the entire world to find happiness again and enjoy every moment nature offers us. Life is so so precious!!! P.S. Thank you for your lovely stories!

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  9. That’s good news! Now if only my squirrel friend Gary would come back. Last winter he had a bad case of mange. I’m sure he died while we were away and not feeding him. I haven’t seen him since. ☹️

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