Hummingbird Tonic

Well, I think what today needs is . . . hummingbirds!

Luckily (unlike toilet paper) they are in decent supply around here. After a bit of a scarcity over the past few weeks, I had two Anna’s Hummingbirds come by this week.

These days, a special bird visitor is the equivalent of a wild party.

It’s certainly a blessed “stop anxiously listening to the radio and obsessively bleaching surfaces” moment.

So, in case your hummingbirds haven’t arrived yet, here are my recent visitors for some vicarious hummingbird therapy.

First we had a male Anna’s stop by a few days ago to check out the intoxicatingly scented Daphne Odora.

I imagine the nectar of the daphne must be exquisite to the discerning hummingbird palate

Post lunch pause. He had to clean some pollen off his beak and stuck around to enjoy the view.

Bit of a nap/meditate …

A good wing stretch … and then off he flew.

Yesterday I put fresh hummingbird nectar out and it seemed as if this female had been just waiting for it to be served.

Photo by June Hunter

Next, she went to check out the fountain. I noticed last year that they seem to like the running water in the fountain better than the static bird bath.

(See Novice Hummingbird)

She would take some sips of water from the bird bath and then go for a quick fly-through shower under the stream of water.

Then time to dry off in the lilac tree …

… followed by a snack and a perch on the purple rhododendron.

Then she was off again, pursuing her hummingbird adventures. I’m hoping they have a nest nearby and that we’ll be seeing both of them again soon, perhaps with babies.

Stay tuned for some #raventherapy coming up later this weekend!





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6 thoughts on “Hummingbird Tonic

  1. Stunning hummer shots, well done. A keen eye u have.
    Thanks so very much. Lifted my lagging spirits. Dorothy

  2. June, fabulous photos. Whenever I get to see you in person I’ll tell you my story of rescuing my male annas one winter morning, thought he was dead, held him in my hands. More to the story. Looking forward to raventherapy.. Allison

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  3. Gorgeous! It was interesting in the third and fourth shots, his pink feathers were absent, then appeared! Does that happen often?

  4. Dontcha just hate it when your wing itches?
    But seriously, June: these are extraordinary pics. I am sending this blogpost to my friend Deb. Near as I can tell, she is the world’s foremost h’bird fan.
    Thanks and have a great Easter.

  5. June,
    Fabulous photography, with our favourite little bird, the effervescent hummingbird!

    Michelle B.

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