The Edgar Diaries

Edgar, so confident that all will be well, now finds himself nodding off during the Prime Minister’s daily briefings.

He is however, adamant that everyone should listen to the Health Officer’s advice and keep on staying the bleep home. Do not cross this cat. You have been warned.


And, just in case you need a reminder about the vital importance of hand washing …

More on the importance of keeping to some sort of schedule during these discombobulating times.

4:57 Edgar arrives at my desk.
4:59 Geordie arrives as back up.
5pm is dinner time and some schedules must be adhered to, regardless of whether the humans have lost track of the days. Honestly, they say, what would the people do without us …? A good question.

Photo 2020-04-13, 4 59 24 PMPhoto 2020-04-13, 5 01 03 PM

Because his own luxury pet bed is starting to seem a bit cramped, or perhaps just because he feels like a change, Edgar has now laid claim to the dog’s bed as well as his own. Luckily Geordie is willing to roll with the punches.

Photo 2020-04-13, 2 57 24 PM

Photo 2020-04-13, 2 58 29 PM

And … a rare win for the human, staring contest-wise.

You know the days are long when you’re competing in staring contests with Edgar.

Stay safe!

8 thoughts on “The Edgar Diaries

  1. Too cute. That was more than 20 seconds hand washing. But we shouldn’t do the licking part.
    Thanks for keeping us amused, June.

  2. Thanks. I love the cat story & both your sweet friends are endearing.
    There is something special about a black & white dog. 😊

  3. That cat has got the eyes of an owl! lol And I love how easy-going and accommodating Geordie is. What a sweetheart.

    Thanks for the daily update, June!

  4. June – such beautiful beings you live with ! 🙂 Thanks so much – again! – for sharing them with us! I love their eyes – and Edgar is so wise. ox Bless you for these heart-warming posts. <3

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