It’s A Wired World

Without the Notre Dame poplars to host much of the local bird activity, the local Hydro and telephone wires seem to have become much busier.

Early in the morning it’s like watching a cross between theatre and a cartoon strip.

Here are a few shows from the last couple of days.

First, the drama of the Violet Green Swallow vs. the rowdy young House Finch.

A seemingly peaceful early morning scene as a House Finch and a Violet Green Swallow share the wire

House Finch youngster decides that things are just too peaceful

This is known as the “getting in your face” technique

Now the feisty house finch goes for the claws first approach.


Now the swallow is seriously annoyed

House Finch concedes defeat

To the victor go the skies

Next a bit of heartwarming family comedy with Marvin, Mavis and junior.

Marvin and Mavis enjoy a quiet moment — so rare for new parents

Too good to last …


Isn’t this more cozy?

And last, another family moment with the Northern Flickers. Apparently it’s not just the crow (or human) parents that get fed up with the constant badgering of their children.

Mom, mom, mom …

You’re not listening!!!!

Mom takes swift and agile evasive action

Ninja mom is on the move

Found you!!!

OK have this pretend snack …

… and I’m off again …

But mom, I’m bored …

OK, I’m going upstairs for some peace and quiet.

Hope you enjoyed your small sampling of Birdflix.

Subscriptions are free  — you just go outside and stand around for a while looking up!




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9 thoughts on “It’s A Wired World

  1. I don’t know about standing and watching but the crows around here have been shepherding me on my morning walks. Letting me know which blocks I’m not welcome on with silent swoop attacks while junior shrieks from above.

  2. June, perfect! I’ve never seen so many baby crows. Their poor mamas.I have a big bag of raisins that I throw out on the roof, hoping no one sees. At least your birds have adapted to the wires. Isn)t. Nature wonderful. These pics and commentary are great. Allison

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  3. Needed this!!! Loved it!!! Thank you for sharing your adventures in conic theatre bird version!

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  4. Thank you June . I just love getting these !! Can’t wait to see you. ….. oh dear !!! Kristine

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