Meet The Walkers

To be perfectly accurate, only one of the Walkers is a keen hiker.

Even then, his perambulations are purposeful, laser focused on a specific destination.

The origin of this routine have been lost in the mists of time.

Who trained who here will forever remain a mystery.

Mr. Walker has no fear of the dog, walking beside him with equanimity.

Mr. Walker’s promenades occur in all weathers …

… and at speeds ranging from dawdle to dash.

Ms. Walker prefers to leave the strolling to her mate, and remains aloft in the tree until the prize is in place.

Ms. Walker on lookout.

Ms. Walker this morning. On the other side her eye is rather damaged, like Mabel’s, but it doesn’t seem to slow her down.

Both of the Walkers will follow me to the end of their block to see me on my way.

Bye-bye, Walkers. See you tomorrow.



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8 thoughts on “Meet The Walkers

  1. our son serves Crow treats on Taylor Pond in Maine. each generation gets less wary of him. that’s quite an accomplishment to have one walk with you!

  2. What a great story – loved the videos! You continue to delight us with your crow characters and their stories – thanks as always, June. 🙂

  3. June, I have to say that in my life only you would have The Walkers !! to accompany you and Geordie to the end of your block!!!! Kk

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  4. Hi. I do hope you received my request to continue the newsletter. I would miss the entertaining writing style and the crows. Love my calendar. Dorothy Jutras


  5. Hello. I love the updates and hope you have me on the list for a calendar. Do u need my MasterCard for payment? The calendars are a joy, kind wishes for a wonderful Christmas season. Dorothy Jutras


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