Crow Bingo

Crow bingo is my idea for introducing people to the fact that our Vancouver landscape, as busy and as disconnected from nature as it can appear, is actually full of crow reminders of the world outside of our human busy-ness.

My goals for Crow Bingo:

  • get people out of the house
  • give parents a focus for walks with kids
  • introduce everyone to the many benefits of Crow Therapy 
  • encourage an awareness of all aspects of urban nature
  • sneakily convert people who don’t know they love crows yet

So here we go …

For beginners, Level One Crow Bingo:

You can chose to go for one row at a time, a diagonal or across, but ultimately it shouldn’t be too hard to sweep the whole board and then move on to …


If you want take your own copy of CROW BINGO to take on your walks with you here  are printable versions of BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATE CROW BINGO.

Feel free to print as many as you like, share with friends, teachers, whoever you think might benefit from a therapeutic round of Crow Bingo.

I’ll be working on a special Nesting Season Bingo card soon!

Also, I’d love to hear from you with ideas for new squares in Crow Bingo.




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13 thoughts on “Crow Bingo

  1. Hello June,

    I enjoy your newsletter, especially liked this crow bingo Idea. will send it to my daughter in Winnipeg, as
    she has two small children who might enjoy it.
    I watch the crows around my house and am surprised at their activities. I sometimes leave a few broken crackers out for them when they ask nicely from the wires. I see them (mainly the larger one) placing one on top of the other until he can gather them all at once (his largest pile is about 5 cracker pieces). I am not too regular about this as I do not want them to depend on my feeding them.
    I have seen them soak the harder crackers in the water at the curb, seen them hiding the crackers in our hedge, also recently have seen them take crackers up to the neighbours garage, place the crackers in the leaf gutter and cover them up with leaves. A squirrel was spotted working his way down the roof, so our crow flew up and scared him off.
    They are so very intelligent.
    Re: ideas for further bingos… crows doing these things or similar.

    Thanks again for your newsletters.

  2. Oh. I. Loooove. It. My problem is our Southern Coast of Maine crows are kinda shy! I rarely see more than a fleeting glimpse as they fly by. I know there’s a roost up the river but not accessible to these feeble feet. Hope your Bingo Buddies will post their own photos so we can enjoy vicariously 🌷😉🌷

  3. Brilliant idea, June! Ideas for new squares: strutting with fluffed up pantaloon feathers; foraging (e.g., pulling up lawns in search of grubs); stashing food; tending to offspring; nest building; “riding” a bouncing branch on a windy day; playing chase (also often on windy days); migrating en masse to the evening roost.

  4. I get so much enjoyment from your crow stories and blog. This new crow bingo will be great fun and I look forward to your next level. My daughter and I feed 2 crows almost daily, they have been coming to our yard for a couple of years now. We have named them Boris and Esmerelda , watching them has been a great learning experience . We consider ourselves fortunate to see their antics.
    Perhaps for your Bingo you might add , crows hopping or drinking from a birdbath / puddle.
    Sincerely crowing,

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  6. Your Crow Bingo set is great. I love the strong graphics! Penny at Walking Woman linked to your site and I’m glad she did. I don’t live in a city anymore but I’ve always been a fan of crows and for that matter, any Corvids. Your beginners and intermediate cards are very comprehensive – I wish I could think of something to add, but I’m coming up empty. I live south of you in Washington State, near enough to listen to CBC on the radio when I’m in the car. I follow BC’s pandemic progress (with Bonnie of course). Your musings on blanket forts et al are very amusing! THank you!

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