Gazing Bowl’s Summer Gift

The gazing bowl (AKA Geordie’s outdoor water bowl) normally only provides consoling insights and quiet focus in the autumn months when it becomes a kaleidoscope of spent leaves and shifting reflections.

Perhaps it sensed that quiet moments were especially needed this week as it’s putting on a rare summer performance.

The floral patterns in the bowl are only subsidiary gifs — the main one is that the snowbell (Styrax japonicus) tree itself is in full magnificent bloom for the first time for years.

I’d begun to accept that it would never flower again, but this summer it seems to be trying to make up for every lost opportunity. At times the tree is so full of bees that standing under it is like sticking your head into to a hive (but less dangerous.)

That soothing bzzzzz and the dappled light are the essences of summer.

But back the gazing bowl.

It’s summer message seems to be something of the lines of … take a break from the endlessly dire news cycle.

Like the wise flight attendant, it’s reminding me — put your psychic oxygen mask on first, or you’ll be no good at helping anyone else. If your beauty tank runs dry, how will you find the energy to fight for what needs fighting for?

So, just in case you need a deep breath of stillness yourself, please take your own reading from the gazing bowl.

You can hum-m-m-m a bit to yourself to mimic the sound of the bees.

As Geordie actually needs the bowl to drink out of at this time of year, the important messages do need to be dumped and rinsed every day.

For now, there are fresh scrying bowl memos each morning — but soon we’ll have to wait until fall for the next hydromancy installment.

Mavis stops by for a visit with her own messages





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10 thoughts on “Gazing Bowl’s Summer Gift

  1. Hello June, we are enjoying ,the many bees, in our smoke tree this year. It is somewhat magical to stand by the tree and listen to the constant buzzing ! Our two crows , Boris and Esmeralda, are still visiting regularly. Delightful !!

  2. My snowbell trees are magnificent this year. Wonder why June – our cold winter, wet spring. I didn’t do anything different regarding regular care. Yes lots of bees and the hummers seem to enjoy as well

  3. So lovely. Reminds me of my trip to see the winter home of monarch butterflies in Mexico. Only with absolute silence from us interlopers, we could just barely hear the flapping of millions of wings. Magical.

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