A Crow’s Narrow Escape

This week has started with a hawk heart attack.

Barely awake, and with freshly brewed and highly anticipated coffee in hand, I chanced to look out of our back window to the Hydro pole where Marvin, Mavis and Lucky usually perch.

A bird landed on that pole. “Not a crow,” my sluggish brain remarked as I grabbed the ever-handy camera.

A hawk — the first I’ve seen around here all summer.

I looked at the hawk. The hawk looked at me.

Then he or she bent over to preen their feathers …

At that moment another bird landed on the other end of the pole’s cross beam. A crow — Marvin or Mavis!!

My heart stood still. You can see the hawk, still bent over at the bottom left of the the next photo.

Time stood still.

It seemed as if neither saw the other for a micro-second … and then they did!

The hawk dove at the crow and both tumbled off in a flurry of feathers and claws — stage right and out of view behind the shed roof.

Coffee forgotten, I raced outside, very much expecting to find a scene of carnage in the alley.

Instead I found Marvin and Mavis on the next Hydro pole down doing some stress preening and stamping around.

No sign of the hawk.

Marvin quickly returned to the original pole as if to reclaim it, fluffy moulting feathers and all.

Mavis moved to our roof to continue preening …

… and also keep an eye on the sky …

My coffee was a bit cold after all this, but I hardly needed it — heart thumping as if I’d just downed an entire carafe of espresso.

Phew, crazy crows!!


PS In case your mind, as mine did, immediately went to Lucky’s whereabouts, I have seen him, safe and sound, since this incident.



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14 thoughts on “A Crow’s Narrow Escape

  1. A hawk landed in my garden early spring – I didnt realize they ate birds and I had alot of these at the feeder. But he didnt get a snack that day.

  2. Thank goodness your crow family is safe!

    I saw my first hawk in the garden this spring. I looked at him and in a scolding tone said, “you can have all the mice you want but stay away from my birds!“
    Not 10 seconds later he tracked a Siskin leaving a feeder and… lunch.
    Circle of life. 😢

  3. I’m glad you let us know about Lucky! I would have worried. All this year’s fledglings have disappeared from my neighbourhood in South Granville.

  4. Whew is right! It looks like a Peregrine Falcon or maybe a large female Kestrel. Your a very good writer by the way. I love this space.

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