New Year’s Eve Party Guests

I never did write about New Year’s Eve 2021.

Actually, I didn’t write about anything at all for a while after  we came down with Covid between Christmas and New Year. Basic sentence construction was beyond me for a few weeks.

Our daily routine consisted mostly of sipping soup and napping. What little energy we had left over was for rewatching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition) and taking the dog for short walks.

Naturally, we had zero expectation of (or desire for) New Year’s Eve festivities.

We were indeed all tucked up well before midnight, but during the day we were guests at the best sort of party — the surprise kind hosted by Bohemian Waxwings.

Just saying the name “Bohemian Waxwing” creates a party atmosphere.

The impossibly fancy outfits, the chatting, the feasting!

All so very bohemian, like a festive flash mob.

And, like any good flash mob, they were here … and then they were gone.

I’d never seen a Bohemian Waxwing before and have not seen one since.

It was just as if they came by our neighbourhood that day just to cheer us up and make us feel part of the New Year’s Eve soirée set.

By New Year’s Day they’d moved on to party pastures anew.

I wish you all the perfect New Year’s Eve company this year — whether you’re attending a glittering gala, snuggling at home with a cat, watching a favourite TV show solo, getting together for board games with a friend or two, hanging out with a special crow pal or lucky enough to be invited to a Bohemian Ball — may it be just right for you.

And then on to 2023 …




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13 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Party Guests

  1. You’ve captured the Bohemian Waxwing perfectly! They are such wonderful birds—-sorry crows everywhere, you are pretty cool too. Thanks June for all your bird poetry, it’s always a joy!

  2. I nearly always hear them before I see them here in WI. Might be spring or maybe fall. I always stop to watch them because they seem so joyous. Beautiful.

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