Mr Walker Updates: Last Two Days

Yesterday (April 25)

I went out three times yesterday to check on progress. On my first early morning trip I found Wanda but couldn’t find Mr W at all, so that freaked me out a bit.

I tried again after nine and found him sitting on a Hydro wire in the alley. His demeanour could be summed up as “sick as a chip.” I eventually got him to come down to a fence for some peanuts, but he was very skittish (almost as if he knows I’ve been plotting to try and grab him to go to the wildlife rescue!)

When I visited again around lunch time I found both he and Wanda — and he seemed every so slightly more perky, even having a little look in someone’s recycling box at one point.

I left some peanuts for him, but it’s tricky as I don’t want the neighbouring crows to notice he’s getting extra treats in case it starts a crowfuffle. He’s in such a vulnerable state and the crows in general are so territorial at the moment — the last thing he needs is any trouble. The neighbours are Mr. Wing and Bongo (both mates, White Wing and Bella, seem to have vanished to their nest sitting duties.)

The lovely people at @wildliferescuebc have been in touch and would definitely have him in for treatment if only I could get him there — but he’s very insecure because of his impaired vision so I doubt I could get closer than ten feet away from him at the moment.

Today (April 26)

On the morning walk I couldn’t find any sign of Mr Walker or Wanda. We walked around their block so many times that Geordie was beginning to drag his heels. Not this same block again!!

The lunchtime expedition yielded slightly better results as I found both of the Walkers snuggled together in the top branches of a large tree.

Wanda on right, Mr W on left.

I left a few peanuts and bits of kibble for them, but they didn’t seem interested in moving from their perch, so I couldn’t get a good look at Mr W’s eye today, although it looked to be closed.

I’m hoping that a few days of rest will lead to some level of recovery.

I’ll be checking in with them every day so I’ll let you know if there are any further developments.



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7 thoughts on “Mr Walker Updates: Last Two Days

  1. I’m really hoping it is irritated rather than damaged — a twig poke or pollen or something.
    Thank you for looking out for him & for keeping us informd..

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