Random Wednesday Beauty

Just a quick little post today as I have to turn my hand to cake-making shortly. Wish me luck, as I’m a bit of a hit and miss baker these days, due to lack of practice.

But it’s my husband’s 68th birthday tomorrow, so a cake must be made, since no shopping can be done. The Mississippi Mud Cake contains bourbon, so how bad could it be, really?

I always like walking in alleyways, just because they off an interesting view of the neighbourhood, and are full of randomly dilapidated beauty.

Now they have the added advantage of fewer people, so higher score on the social distance-o-meter.

Unusually crowded alleyway moment.

Topographical view of a verdant landscape.

Those colours are almost as good as a tropical vacation. Feel free to squint your eyes and pretend its palm trees and a Caribbean sea.

Blue and Gold, Van Gogh colours in an old wheelbarrow.

Meanwhile, on our front street, the Spring Thing is going ahead as scheduled, in spite of everything.


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8 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Beauty

  1. I couldn’t help but have a good giggle with your sentence that you love “waking” up in alleyways!!! A good giggle on these sad days. ❤️❤️

  2. Gorgeous photos! If the cake turns out as well as these pictures, your hubby is one lucky guy! Though I’m sure he is anyway!

  3. June,
    Love your posts. Such a wonderful thing to wake up to someone reminding me of the beauty in the world. And of course the crow in the flowers tops the cake! These are the experts in social distancing.
    Happy birthday to your hubby. Have a wonderful celebration.

  4. So agree that your posts are a joy to read June, and I’m always amazed and appreciative of your eye for a story in a picture.

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