When Edgar Met Geordie


For two years after Molly died we were a one-cat, no-dog, household. It was a situation that could not last. It is, after all, a truth universally acknowledged that life is incomplete without a dog.

I thought, since we’d be quite old by the time this new dog was in its senior years, we should get a small lap dog. Having cared for several large dogs in their geriatric years, it seemed that a dog that could be moved without a winch might be a good idea. This pronouncement was met with some mockery from my family, since the last time we’d been looking for a dog I’d started out seeking a Cairn terrier … and yet we somehow ended up with two labradors.

The main requirement for this new dog was, of course, that it be Edgar-approved.

Via a series of fortuitous circumstances Geordie ended up on our doorstep.


Not a lap dog, in size or temperament, and yet still somehow perfect for us.

I’ve outlined the whole story of how he got from a shelter in California to our house in Gone to the Dogs, but this post is more about Geordie and Edgar’s relationship.


It took half an hour to persuade the very nervous Geordie to enter the house on his first visit, so he was quite happy to leave Edgar well alone for the first little while.

But, timid or not, he was still a puppy and eventually he had to go check out the regal ginger being on the chair. After a few respectful sniffs, he got a bit carried away and Edgar had to resort to a fierce hiss and rapid fire series of (clawless) paw swats.

Luckily Geordie is a very quick learner and, although he needed a few reminders in the early days, he has now fully absorbed the lesson that Cat is King.

You may have noticed in recent posts that Edgar sometimes like to sleep in Geordie’s bed, although he has a perfectly fine cat-sized one of his own. This was a pattern set early on, when he would claim Geordie’s special sleeping mat.


He would also eat the food right out of Geordie’s bowl.


Geordie learned at the feet of the master, even adopting Edgar’s signature “crossed paws” poses very early on. Either that or they are just naturally demure soul mates with excellent posture.



Treat time β€” cats go first.

They’ve been together now for just over four years and have settled into a mellow groove, Edgar gradually passing on his wisdom to the young acolyte.




Group effort to remind the humans it’s dinner time.

While Edgar has a number of other fine canine acquaintances, it’s really hard to imagine a more perfect full-time pod-mate for him than Geordie.



9 thoughts on “When Edgar Met Geordie

  1. Read this article if you need to be cheered up,it made me so happy to read it! I met the dog Geordie last December.

    I adore this woman,she is too cool for school!!

  2. Delightful Geordie πŸ•and Edgar 🐈 antics,
    to cheerπŸ˜‰ a person’s soul. πŸ€—

    Thank you June. 😁

  3. I got lots of chuckles in this story, June! just love those two. Geordie’s efforts trying to engage Edgar in the early days reminded me of our 4 year old cat (Winston Churchill) receiving the new golden retriever pup, Thunder. The dog received the same boxing of ears etc and I was sure I heard the cat say, “who brought this idiot home?” lol Thanks, again!

  4. June, thus is one of the best. I’ve met both, think they’re the best. Allison

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  5. All of your posts about your furry guys are the cutest, and make me smile and feel good every time! I also love the crows and ravens (obviously) but cat/dog friendships antics are my favorites 🐝🌸


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