Bongo’s Advice to New Parents

One of the things they tell you when you have a new baby is “When the baby naps, you do too.”

Bongo is clearly all over that advice, especially as he and Bella are run ragged trying to keep three fledglings fed and safe.

This is often considered a rather bonkers time of year, crow-wise, with attention drawn to the dive-bombing and frantic cawing. It’s true, it’s a noisy, stressful time of year — but there are, if you look carefully, a lot of quiet moments too.

Take yesterday, for example.

Bongo came down to greet me on our early afternoon walk. He gave a short “bong, bong” just as a noisy truck went by.

Side note: I have noticed that he often “bongs” when something noisy is going on — maybe to make his voice carry over it … or perhaps he’s lodging a noise bylaw infraction complaint … I don’t know, but someone with a science background should really study Bongo …

Anyway, back to Bongo … this video is quite long, but I encourage you to watch to the end — and perhaps try to visualize this if you’re ever having trouble getting to sleep yourself. I believe Bongo could give Sleep Clinic seminars.


It was a warm afternoon, so Bongo makes the most of his “me time” by catching the slight breeze in his outstretched wings as his eye slowly, slowly close.

Well, one eye, at least. A crow parent can’t close both eyes for more than a second, as you never know when the resident eagle is going to cruise by in search of baby crow-shaped snacks for her own fledglings.

He was SO relaxed, I was starting to feel dozy watching him.

Amid all of the seasonal cawing and dive-bombing, the  crow parents are trying to grab  a quiet moment or two for some self-care before heading back into the fledgling fray.

Two of Bongo and Bella’s babies snoozing

So, Bongo’s advice? Whenever you get the chance, let it all go, feel the sun on your feathers, let the breeze blow under your wings and sink into a relaxing crow-nap.

Snore …


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7 thoughts on “Bongo’s Advice to New Parents

  1. My daily visitor “Crosspatch” (his personality leaves a lot to be desired) had a delicious wing-spreading, grooming break on my barbecue yesterday. Have yet to see the progeny, but, as he is still always alone, I am sure there is at least one baby being tended to.

  2. So lovely to watch, thank you! I could just feel him saying…..”aaahhhh…” thanks for sharing!

  3. I so enjoyed this post. I could feel the sun and the breeze through my feathers. You’re such a lovely artist. Thank you!

  4. how to manage staying upright with wing outstretched while dozing off – not something we humans are adept at….even have difficulty in a prone position!

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