7 Reasons Why You Need a City Crow Calendar

At long last, it’s done! The photo selection, writing, design, finicking, fussing, faffing, editing and proofing of the  2024 City Crow Calendar are all finished and it’s now at the printer. Woohoo!

I’ll be picking them up (love that special freshly printed smell!)  at the end of the month and mailing out the pre-orders immediately thereafter.

In the calm before the storm, I’ve been thinking once again of all the reasons why someone might not just want, but absolutely NEED one of these calendars.

Of course, they’re handy for jotting down birthdays and dentist appointments and the usual day-to-day stuff, but here are a few more reasons to consider dedicating some precious wall space to a City Crow Calendar.


Bongo is August’s crow, as well as the cover model for the 2024 calendar

People often ask me how I tell my local crows apart, so I’ve made this a major theme for the 2024 calendar. Each month introduces one or two of my crowquaintances —  most will be familiar to long-time readers of this blog — and in a NEW feature, I’ve added a guide to getting to know your own local crows.

In the Get to Know Crows Guide I explain the layers of clues I use to identify my local characters and show how you can use a similar method in your own neighbourhood. Make some new friends!


Sometimes, living in the city, you start to recognize the passing of the seasons only by the changing nature of the items on display in local shops, or in our social media feeds (back-to-school items … must be July, Halloween décor … what, August already?)

I like to think that City Crow Calendar owners will:

  1. be more excited to get outside to see what their own local crows are up to, and thus witness firsthand what the sky and vegetation have to say, and
  2. start to see the crows themselves as messengers of seasonal change.

Crow seen with sticks in their beaks … aha, must be the beginning of the nesting season.

Riotous crow behaviour in fall …this year’s fledglings are finally independent and nuts and berries are ready to harvest — party time!


When everyone is saying “That moon looks amazing — is it a full moon?” you will be able to answer sagely “Not quite, but tomorrow night will be the Full Crow Moon” and your friends will be duly impressed by your oneness with the universe.

(Really, you just had a quick look at your City Crow Calendar, but I won’t say anything if you don’t. )





There are any number of calendars you can own that will show you breathtaking scenery on the coast, in the mountains or in the deep woods. The City Crow Calendar (the hint is in the name) is specially designed for those of us who, for one reason or another, spend most of our time in the urban jungle.
It’s a daily reminder that you don’t have to wait and wait until you can finally get out of town to experience being really in tune with Nature  — you can find those moments any day, any time by just going outside (or even just looking out of your window) and checking in on what your fellow city dwellers, the crows, are up to now.

Of course, in addition to the calendar, you can also subscribe to this blog, and/or follow me on social media for regular reminders on the wonders of urban nature.




We all have at least one friend who has not yet realized (poor benighted soul) how amazing crows are,

and how worthy of watching every single day.

Buy them a City Crow Calendar and see if it can sway them. Sometimes finding out why crows behave the way they do (for example, seeming a little aggressive in the nesting season while trying to protect their babies) can be the key to going from crow-averse to fully pro-crow!



At a party and looking for the perfect conversation opener?

Friends and new acquaintances alike will be amazed when you explain to them how you can tell female crows apart from males. Cement your reputation as an eccentric (yet knowledgeable) crow enthusiast by telling them why fall and winter are the best seasons to visit the crow roost … and how they can tell their local crows apart.

The trick is to walk away if you notice eyes starting to glaze over. It’s always best to leave them wanting more in the way of crow facts!



Each calendar comes with a free 1.75-inch wide button featuring  the City Crow Calendar’s 2024 cover model — who happens to be Bongo, keeping an eye on things from a stop sign.


The 2024 City Crow Calendar will be my 9th annual calendar!

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