Images Gone AWOL

Sorry, everyone, for the missing images in today’s post “Wing Things.”

I’m working on finding out what the problem is,. This has never happened before and I haven’t changed anything about the blog, so I’m baffled.

Weirdly, the images did show up on some browsers (such as Chrome) earlier today — but now they don’t show up there either.

It’s a bit like a scary thriller (the kind I’m too scared to watch) where characters start disappearing one by one! EEK.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of WordPress technical support to see what can be done, so apologies and watch this space.


17 thoughts on “Images Gone AWOL

  1. Yes, they did show up fine using the Safari browser. don’t know if that makes it easier, or harder.

  2. We use Edge and I am happy to say that all the images were there this morning and still are.

  3. No images via samsung internet browser ALL day. It forced me to use my imagination to create a picture to match your description. While a thought experiment, unsatisfying, just want pictures!

  4. Only a few showed up on mine, but my computer is still running Windows 7, so it is ancient. But, up until today, I never had a problem receiving your awesome pictures, so therefore thought it was just my good old computer having a nervous breakdown. LOL!

  5. And where is Hercules Poirot when you need him?
    No worries…just techy glitches…although we love the stories and crow family photos…things will resolve.
    Always adore your touchung hilarious stories and your beautiful crow relationship & respect 💚

  6. Thanks! I thought it was my computer or the Brave browser maybe?
    I hope you are able to resolve the glitch without a lot of fuss:)
    I really do enjoy your blog and the accompanying photos etc…
    I’ve a family of 4 crows in the back yard myself this year, which makes it all the more meaningful.

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