Fingers Crossed …

Well, I don’t want to get over-excited too soon, but I think I may have fixed the blog’s image-loading problem now.

I was still waiting to hear from WordPress technical support, so I decided to try good old Google for a solution. They suggested clearing the site cache, which sounded terrifying — but I did it, and it seems (touch all the wood) to have fixed the problem.

If you had trouble viewing today’s post — Some Wing Things, please give it another try.

Thanks for your patience and do let me know if some new gremlin has snuck into the works!

Off now to walk the dog, visit the crows and hope that everything still works when I get home!

3 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed …

  1. I was one of the lucky ones and your “Wings and Things” came through perfectly. I must say I thoroughly enjoy your blogs, and I think you’re a terrific writer and extremely witty! Thanks for the bird articles and just everything you do is wonderful. ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🇨🇦

  2. alas, the pictures are still invisible on Firefox, although i can (and could, yesterday) click to open them in a new tab just fine. sorry that you have to deal with these technical difficulties u_u

    (and while i’m here, i’d just like to say that i’ve loved your writing and crow reportage for years! thank you for this blog! <3)

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