Walker Crow Babies


Following yesterday’s mysterious coming and going of blog images, this post is by way of another test.

I thought I’d fixed the problem last night, but it looks as if some people are still unable to see the images. Today, I’ve tried a few more tweaks, but it’s hard for me to test since I DO see the pictures on various browsers. Sending out another experimental post seems like the only way to tell if there’s still a problem, so apologies in advance for treating my readers as site testers.

Note: If you receive this post via email and the pictures still don’t show, you can try going to the actual website and (I hope) find the images there.

One of the hatchlings stretching a wing in the confined space

So here are the adorable Walker babies still in the nest yesterday. One is bigger than the other, and both look ready to exit the nest, especially as it must be getting extremely hot in that chimney.

Getting hard to stretch the legs in here!

News update: on the last walk with the dog, I saw one of the babies OUT OF THE NEST, sitting rather gormlessly on the construction fence with both parents keeping a close watch. Photos and any more website fiddling will have to wait till tomorrow as it’s our 37th wedding anniversary so Phillip and I are off out for dinner!

July 5, 1986 — the happy couple and “Best Dog” Finlay.

27 thoughts on “Walker Crow Babies

  1. Happy anniversary to you two! Today’s test blog is working properly for me – on iPad in Safari browser. Also, thanks for reminding me of the word for lesson! 😀

  2. All the pictures are showing up fine on Outlook! Happy Anniversary! My partner and I are also celebrating 37 years on July 30th!

  3. Hello and happy anniversary to you! I had trouble yesterday and last night but today I can see! Thanks for your tinkering and testing.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Aren’t you two the cutest?! By the way, I was able to see the missing images on the post by clicking on the blank space where the photos were supposed to be. Odd.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Phillip! I did not try to read your posts yesterday and can see all your lovely photos today.

  6. Congratulations on 37th! So cute! Babies are so cute too – even with all the distraction and news the construction makes, they look really healthy.

  7. Happy anniversary! I love your posts and I’m lucky that I’ve had no problem seeing everything from my email. Keep them coming!

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Your past blog on your cabin building days in the north (before marriage) were a highlight and I admired your fearless attitude through it all.

  9. Happy Anniversary! We are coming up on our 71 st in Oct. !
    We are mesmerized by your wonderful pictures. We have only baby crow this year.
    Photos came in clear on safari! Love your blog!

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and Phillip! I can see the pictures today!
    I’m thoroughly enjoying all the baby crow and big crow antics!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog. It usually makes me chuckle!

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